Corporate America Supports You
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Corporate America Supports You (CASY) is a national nonprofit organization that provides comprehensive employment services in collaboration with all branches of the military, including transitioning active duty, National Guard, Reserves, and veterans. It was recruited by the Army National Guard in 2011 to implement the first-ever National Guard employment support program for National Guard members seeking employment in the civilian sector.

Rear Admiral (ret) Dan Kloeppel, CEO, speaking at the CFA Awards Reception and Stacy Bayton, Chief Operating Officer, CASY.

Rear Admiral (ret) Dan Kloeppel, CEO, speaking at the CFA Awards Reception and Stacy Bayton, Chief Operating Officer, CASY.

As part of that program, CASY provides no-cost employment readiness, vocational training and one-on-one placement services to National Guard members. It is a founding alliance partner of the American Jobs for America’s Heroes (AJAH) campaign and oversees the job posting process, manages a sophisticated internet technology platform to match qualified candidates with the hiring needs of employers, and provides training and backup to state National Guard employment teams.

Unlike many veteran-hiring programs that are limited to job boards or job fairs, CASY has ongoing, direct contact with hundreds of employers and job seekers each month to facilitate job placements. In addition, CASY offers resume assistance, skills gap assessments, interview preparedness, training on social media and networking and other topics to aid candidates in the job search process.

Executive Director   Erin Voirol

Executive Director Erin Voirol

The day-to-day activities of CASY are managed by Chief Operating Officer Stacy Bayton, and Executive Director Erin Voirol. Together they oversee a complex operation with an extremely small staff on a shoestring budget. While CASY’s staff may be small, its results have been impressive. Since 2011, they have placed 8,350 service members and veterans in jobs, including 7,048 National Guard members. These results are directly attributable to the efforts of Stacy and Erin who are relentless in their efforts to help all military candidates to find civilian employment.

Privately funded and staffed exclusively by ex-military and military family members, CASY brings a high level of insight, diligence and competence to its national role in working with all branches of the military to help place military candidates in jobs.

Its performance record was verified by Deloitte in 2013, when on behalf of the Call of Duty Endowment (CODE), Deloitte independently and rigorously assessed several hundred applicants for the Activision “Seal of Distinction” Award. In selecting CASY for the award, CODE reported that CASY “has proven to be one of the most efficient and productive organizations we have encountered based on cost-per-veteran job placement.”