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Ed4Online is a privately owned small business that provides online adult education and workforce development content for schools, agencies, nonprofit organizations and corporations. It offers over 800 courses in the areas of online education including Career Training, Information Technology, Professional Development, Health and Human Services and Personal Enrichment and has one of the largest proprietary career certification catalogs available today. It was founded by Dr. Rusty Barrier and Dr. Tricia Seymour. Ed4Online’s continuous support of the U.S. military, marked by its hiring practices, its collaboration with veterans’ groups and its philanthropic giving, has made it a role model for other businesses.

Founders Dr. Rusty Barrier and Dr. Tricia Seymour.

Founders Dr. Rusty Barrier
and Dr. Tricia Seymour.

Ed4Online draws from the military for its own workforce. In fact, 50% of the company’s employees are veterans and military spouses.  As a virtual company, Ed4Online can accommodate the often transient nature of military life, and offer a measure of stability and security to military families.

In 2013, Ed4Online partnered with Corporate America Supports You (CASY) and its sister organization, Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN), to offer “Boots to Books for Paychecks”, a new and ongoing program that provides career education opportunities and professional training to service members and military spouses so they are prepared to enter the civilian workplace. Ed4Online donates both full and partial scholarships to students who require additional training but have exhausted their financial resources. Recently Ed4Online was a corporate sponsor of the Fort Drum Chapter of the Salute Military Golf Association (SMGA) annual Golf Tournament. The company enabled wounded service members with a passion for golf the opportunity to play on a prestigious course alongside their peers. Ed4Online has also developed a series of online tools and resources to assist service members and military spouses as they search for employment in the private sector. The company has sponsored a website, Military Career Education, an interactive, online forum that identifies career and vocational educational options available to military members.

BG Ivan Denton presents the CFA Award to Angela Caban, Marketing Specialist.

BG Ivan Denton presents the CFA Award to Angela Caban, Marketing Specialist.

Recognizing the difficulty military spouses often have finding and sustaining jobs due to their transient lifestyles, during Military Appreciate Month this year, Ed4Online offered a free eBook that identified in-demand portable career opportunities currently available for military spouses. The company donated a portion of its revenues for the month to MSCCN, an organization that provides employment readiness and job placement services to military spouses. The company took similar steps the following month when it provided a free eBook focused on career training for post-military employment opportunities to active duty military utilizing government sponsored tuition benefits, and donated a portion of that month’s revenues to CASY, an organization focused on assisting National Guard, Reserve members and veterans in employment training, counseling and job placement.