About the CFA Awards

Celebrating the 2014 Winners of the Center for America Award for Outstanding Commitment and Achievement in
Helping National Guard Members and Veterans Gain Civilian Employment. Recipients include Trade Associations,
Employers, Nonprofits and National Guard State Commands.  

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Watch the 2014 Awards Reception Video

In this video, you’ll hear about the importance of the business-military partnership from Major General Garry Dean, Special Assistant to the Chief, National Guard Bureau; Brigadier General Ivan Denton, Director of Manpower and Personnel, National Guard Bureau; Brigadier General (ret) Marianne Watson, former Director of Manpower and Personnel, National Guard Bureau; and Major General (ret) Gus Hargett, President, National Guard Association of the U.S. You’ll also learn about the outstanding achievements of the 15 CFA Award Recipients in helping Guard members, Reservists and veterans transition to civilian employment.

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Join us for the 2015 awards

The 2015 CFA Awards Reception will be held on October 15th, 4 to 6 PM, at the Hall of Flags.  To nominate a CFA Recipient or to reserve free tickets, please send an email with the details to snowlan@CenterForAmerica.org.